OWB – my surprise

    Since May, 2021 OWB gradually downsized my barriers towards online art. It became personal which I never would have thought. How did it happen? Well…

    Needed ingredients:
    • Zoom
    • camera
    • friends/co workers
    • objects

    (if any of you, dear reader, survived the bureaucratic process of grant management, you know it takes more…Respect Rachel!)

    With just four ingredients we succeeded to encounter and to re-evaluate personal stories, with objects. Also to generate energies similar to the REAL offline theatre experiences.
    Did you know about the possibility of layering on Zoom? Did you know about the conflict caused by showing different things and calling them the same? Or manipulating camera? Or getting emotional bcs of a stick…
    I didn't…
    Still, I have more questions than answers:
    How much did we talk about objects?
    How much we talked about personal stories?
    How much did we talk about borders?
    Thanks for reading and love,