Areas of exploration

Matt and AngieBreaking through stereotypes: new forms of encounter through objects
Objects Without Borders draws on performing objects’ strong track record of connecting people within live performance spaces through objects’ unique abilities to be carriers of memory, time, landscape and multiple layers of meaning and metaphor.
  • This is not a pen... game
Forging new connections and developing new communities
Through object-based devising, we develop processes that begin with the personal and transform, through object play, into communal artistic creations.
Connecting across borders during the pandemic
When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in the midst of our project planning, we were faced with a new boundary: the inability to meet in person. We decided to take our exploration of how objects move across borders into the digital space by running our pilot sessions over Zoom, and exploring what the platform both prevented – such as physical touch – and what it enabled – such as bringing together artists who would otherwise be unable to travel across geographic borders, with a focus on the role objects played in digital collaboration.